What is a Writing Fellow?

A Writing Fellow aids a member of a specific department in working with students on discipline-specific writing.

Writing fellows are selected based on the following qualifications:

  • Excellent, discipline-specific writing ability
  • Solid understanding of major-related content
  • Awareness of department culture
  • Interest in working with peers to improve their discipline-related writing

What is the Difference between a Writing Tutor and a Writing Fellow?

Writing tutors are generalists who work with students from a variety of majors. Writing tutors hold regular hours and work from the Writing Center on the first floor of Hill Hall. Writing Fellows, on the other hand, are specialists in a particular kind of writing and are connected to a specific faculty member and course. Whereas writing tutors work with multiple individuals on many different assignments, Writing Fellows typically work with students from a single class on a small number of assignments.

Faculty, to find out more about how you can incorporate Writing Fellows into your courses, go here.

Students, to find out more about becoming a Writing Fellow, go here.