Contrast Literary Magazine

Contrast is an organization for writers. We are proud to be one of McDaniel’s key purveyors of the literary and visual arts. We have regular weekly meetings which provide a space and a time for writers to get together, support each, other, gain inspiration from writing prompts, and hone their crafts. Meetings are low-key: you can work on potential submissions for the magazine (or anything else your mind comes up with), get feedback from other writers, or simply enjoy other’s creative company. All are welcome!

In addition, every spring, contrast members curate a copy of a literary magazine which contains works of poetry, prose, and art/photography. Any and all students are encouraged to submit entries to the magazine, which members of an editorial board select to curate the final magazines.

Each person can submit up to four entries in each category, prose, poetry, and visual art. We accept fiction and nonfiction, but no fanfiction for legal reasons. 


Contrast meetings are open to all interested student writers and artists! We meet on Wednesdays from 7-8 PM. Join us for a time of creative expression in Hill Hall 208 (the English conference room)!