Want a book? Take a book. Have a book? Leave a book.

About Us,Just for Fun

Our annual book swap is going on right now. There’s no better chance to add books to your collection than when you can do it for free. Right outside the Writing Center is a table full of beautiful free books just waiting to be taken home. If you have time to stop inside the Writing Center you will find even more bound beauties available. Maybe you have some books that you are willing to pass on to the next eager reader. We’re ready, willing and able to take those off your hands.



Reach for the Stars, They’re Only 7 (maybe 8…) Feet High

Notice anything new about the Writing Center? When you stop by to pick up or drop off some books, be sure to check out our new ceiling art. The stars, also hanging in the front staircase of Hill Hall, symbolize that a writer’s mind is similar to the universe, expansive, impressive, and full of hot burning stuff just waiting to be discovered. We hope our art encourages you to stop by the Writing Center and let us aid you in uncovering ideas you may have thought were unreachable. We can help. We have the technology.



Melanie, Peer Tutor