Top 9 Ways to Get an ‘A’ in that Class!


So it’s the start of a new semester, and after having sworn off Netflix for good, you’re sure you’re going to earn your best GPA yet. But what steps can you take to make sure you get there? Read the tips below to find out!

1. Actually Go to Class


Show up every day, on time. You’d be shocked at how many students fail to meet this bare minimum!

2. Stay Off Your Phone. Stay Off Your Laptop.

phonegifYeah, it’s tempting, and it’s sooo easy. But don’t be rude and don’t be distracted. Even if you’re taking notes on one, laptops give off a vibe of disinterest. Better stick to pen and paper, if you can.

3. Read the Material

 This seems obvious. However, a little reading every night will soon get you not only caught up to the class material, but beyond it. Once it’s a habit, it will feel weird not to read. Make a Buster-esque contraption to keep you awake, if you must.

4. Go to Office Hours

officehoursgifProfessors love when you go to office hours. LOVE. They can talk and help you out so much more when they have your attention past the mandatory 3-hours-per-week. And if you’re in an upper-level math class (speaking from experience here), you’ll never get an A without this.

5. Participate At Least 1x/Class

questiongif Don’t be that student and talk all of the time, but put yourself out there and thoughtfully ask or answer a question each class meeting. Your professor will remember you as a reliable class contributor.

6. Start on Homework Early

I know, I know—It’s a drag. But planning out and starting your assignments early leaves you more time to polish your work and review it with the professor.

7. Grab a Study Buddy
Exchange contact info with someone in the class, and set up times to study together. This keeps you accountable for studying and getting classwork done. It also helps you get caught up if you miss a class.

8. Ask Your Professor


Your professor knows best how to do well in her course. Ask early on (as opposed to a week before the final) and phrase it as, “How can I be most successful in your class?” Be sure to take notes–and then follow through!

9. Use School Resources


…such as the Writing Center! We’ve got your back. With 19 peer tutors and counting from many different academic disciplines, you’re sure to find someone to help you plan out your writing and double-check your work.

Above all, do your best. Even if you don’t get an “A,” you’ll feel good about all of the effort you put in. You may even surprise yourself!

Good luck with your semester!

-Peer Tutor Sarah C.