Valentine’s Day at the Writing Center!

We’re not just good at writing…

We’re also good at giving awesome, clichéd, and funny love advice! You know, like a love guru, but not the one in that terrible movie with Mike Myers.




For Valentine’s Day, this Thursday, the Writing Center will be sitting at a table outside of Glar from 11 – 1 to give free relationship advice to whoever needs it!

So even if you’re dealing with a pretty disastrous break-up with Ryan Gosling or having trouble getting over a crush on an absurdly attractive cartoon character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? we’re here for you . . . as a friend.



At the table you won’t just find paper hearts (with corny love notes) and free candy, but you will also find:

1. Free relationship advice from peer tutors like…

Having trouble getting an anniversary gift for your girlfriend?

I mean, I guess girls like McDaniel squirrels. Grab one of them. Stuff it. Then pin it on her wall while she’s sleeping. Don’t be freaked out if she starts screaming when she sees it. It is just because she is so happy. Really.

2. Mad Libs!

We’ll have a ton of short and sweet romantic mad libs that you can feel free to fill in with as many body part nouns and farting verbs as you would like!

Here’s a short one I filled out:

Valentine’s Day is a lumpy holiday! In the morning, Mom makes us Panda Bear-shaped pancakes and Dad gives her a bouquet of furry flowers. At school, we decorate the classroom with red and white trolls and make Valentine cards out of paper and bunnies. We write something papery inside like, “You make my heart heave!” or “I like your squirrels.” Afterwards, we drink swag-like punch, eat heart-shaped ravens, and play games like hide and go chop, and even barf the tail on the Eatery. I love Valentine’s Day! (Mad Lib courtesy of

If you’re about to ask the two questions that I think you’re going to ask then, yes, I am a beast at alliteration and I do enjoy abusing small woodland creatures.

With that said, come and visit us at the table on Valentine’s Day. We promise not to ruin all of your relationships.

Charles, peer tutor.