Don’t Be Scared of Your Paper!

It’s not yet Halloween and television channels are already having marathons of horror movies! That’s right. There is now no place to hide from Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, or those monsters that go bump in the night.

He’s right behind you! Lady! Hello! Crap, she’s dead…

That means you’ll be more inclined to turn off the TV and focus on that essay, right? No? You’re scared of your paper? You’re scared of its imposing seven-page minimum?

Wait? Your paper turns into a giant monster at night and terrorizes New York City? Ehhh, sorry. Can’t help you there.

Don’t be! It’s okay! We all get scared of our papers sometimes, but that’s why the Writing Center is here to help.

All of us tutors are equipped to handle your every writing fear. Whether it is grammar, your thesis, or prewriting, we are here to help! We even have TONS of handouts you can take with you for your benefit ranging from how to take notes, how to outline, and even how to make an eye-popping resume.

So come visit us in Hill Hall 101 or book an appointment with us at our website.

And if you actually need help surviving a horror movie, we can help you there too.


Don’t run upstairs.

Don’t be the person that always jokes around.

Double Tap.

Always call for back-up.

Never split up.

Never go down into the basement.

Actually, speaking of which, my fellow tutor Ben Azat hasn’t come back from putting up flyers in the bottom of Hill Hall. Maybe I should go check it out.

I’ll be right back.

Oh no. I’ve made a HUGE mistake…

Charles, peer tutor.