Safety Protocols for COVID-19

Tutoring Modality

All McDaniel students, regardless of location or class standing, are welcome to make appointments for synchronous online tutoring. Some face-to-face tutoring sessions may be available, generally during the week and during the day. Tutors who are available for face-to-face sessions will have that status indicated under their name in WC Online, our appointment software.

While face-to-face tutoring is the format most students are familiar with, synchronous online tutoring offers many benefits, and all students are encouraged to try online tutoring and see those benefits for themselves! In the online format, tutors and students can:

  • Use voice and video conference
  • Use text chat to quickly share links to resources and other tools for use during (and after) the session
  • Upload works-in-progress during appointment registration and access them during the appointment seamlessly
  • Use the whiteboard feature to jointly type directly on drafts in real time and track changes


Only three (3) people may be present in the Writing Center, Hill Hall 102, at any given time, including tutors, students, or staff. Only those students and tutors who have scheduled appointments may be in the Writing Center, and the lounge space will be off-limits. Students who are waiting for their appointment to start should remain in the Hill Hall lobby and wait to be called in for their appointment.

Everyone must wear masks while in the Writing Center, and all occupants must remain six (6) feet apart at all times. Tutors and students will sit at separate tutoring stations, and any drafts or works-in-progress may be shared via the computer stations using WC Online, OneDrive, or some other cloud-based document sharing service (ex. Google Drive).