Fact vs. Opinion Practice

See our Facts vs. Opinion resource if you need help distinguishing between them. Remember: facts are verifiable and opinions can express attitudes, feelings, and beliefs. Feel free to print this worksheet, practice, and bring it in the Writing Center to work with a tutor to discuss your answers!

Identify Facts and Opinions

______  1. Alligators provide no physical care for their young.

______  2. Humans should be concerned about the use of pesticides that kill insects at the bottom of the food chain.

______  3. There are 28 more humans living on the Earth now than there were 10 seconds ago.

______  4. We must bear greater responsibility for the environment than our ancestors did.

______  5. Nuclear power is the only viable solution to our dwindling natural resources.

Locating Judgment Words

Underline or circle the bias or qualifying words.

1. Purchasing a brand new car is a terrible waste of money.

2. Many wonderful vegetarian cookbooks are available in bookstores.

3. Of all the film version of Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables, the 1935 version starring Charles Laughton is the best.

4. The introductory biology textbook comes with an amazing CD-ROM.

5. Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity are engaged in a worthwhile activity.

Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinion in a Paragraph

[1] Flowering plants that are native to the South include purple coneflower and rose verbena.  [2] In the view of many longtime gardeners, these two plants are an essential part of the Southern landscape.  [3] Trees that are native to the South include a variety of oaks, as well as flowering dogwoods and redbuds. [4]  Dogwoods are especially lovely, with their white, pink, or coral blossoms announcing the arrival of spring. [5] For fall color, the deep red of the Virginia willow makes a spectacular show in the native Southern garden.

1. _____________ 2. _____________ 3._____________ 4._____________ 5.______________

Recognizing Informed Opinion

Underline or circle the phrase that acts as a clue.

1. It seems clear that parents who would bring a young child to an R-rated movie are putting their own interests ahead of what’s best for the child.

2. Voters rejected the proposed rapid transit system connecting the southern and northern suburbs, possibly because of racial issues.

3. According to the city superintendent of schools, school uniforms lead to improved behavior and fewer disruptions in the classroom.


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