Cover Letters

A well-crafted cover letter highlights and expands on what was on your resume, and asserts how you are right for a certain position, as well as how the position is right for you. Since cover letters are important in giving you a boost in the job and internship application process, here is more information to help you prepare.

Objectives of a Cover Letter

  • Introduce yourself and clearly define who you are
  • Highlight your most notable qualifications, experiences, credentials, skills, and achievements, especially as they relate to the position description
  • Identify the value you can bring to the organization
  • Capture your reader’s interest in your, your resume, and your availability
  • Motivate the reader to call and offer you the opportunity for an interview

Cover Letter Tips

  • Include information you know about the company or the position for which you are applying.  Check out the company’s website, especially any “About Us” pages or “Mission, Vision, Values” information.  Try to discover something about the company culture and about their current endeavors.
  • Explain why you want to work for this company in particular.  Tell them what they’re doing right that caught your attention.  Was it the company reputation, financial standing, products, services, personnel, location, or market potential?  Why them?
  • Be sure that your cover letters are neat, clean, and well presented.  Remember that these are business documents.  They should be attractive and relatively conservative, not overly flashy.  The cover letter demonstrates your level of professionalism.
  • Follow standard Business Letter format. Block paragraphs are often appropriate, especially if you will be submitting your cover letter digitally.
  • Keep your cover letter to one page. These are not essays!  
  • Be sure to ask for the interview and provide contact information.  Securing an interview is your #1 objective.  Make it easy for them to offer you one!

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