Subject-Verb Agreement Practice

Edit the sentences below for punctuation and add commas as needed. Feel free to print out this page and come to the Writing Center to talk to a tutor about your answers!

  1. Susan and Miriam, who is/are students in Chemistry 101, do/does not wear glasses.
  2. During the soccer match, the boys on the far left-hand corner of the bench was/were shouting.
  3. Either Tim or James is/are going to win the golf tournament.
  4. Better communication between faculty and staff is/are required to increase student success.
  5. Whole grains such as those used to make brown bread is/are healthier to eat.
  6. When applying for a senior job, an employment record of ten years is/are impressive.
  7. Faculty and staff is/are up-in-arms about the new university regulations.
  8. The huge number of new students has/have made the library more crowded.
  9. At the monthly meeting, dinner is given to student assistants who send/sends in their orders.
  10. Mathematics has/have always been a problem for me.


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