Comma Practice

Edit the sentences below for punctuation and add commas as needed. Feel free to print out this page and come to the Writing Center to talk to a tutor about your answers!

  1. Your uncle willed me all his properties houses and cars
  2. We play sports such as basketball volleyball squash and tennis
  3. Reading daydreaming and playing the piano were my favorite when I was a child
  4. Jake was a warm gentle affectionate Swedish giant
  5. Our teacher is tall strong smart athletic and engaging
  6. You can come today but I will be away from my desk
  7. Please don’t drink and drive or text message while driving
  8. Yesterday I hoped that I would find out how the story ended
  9. After you finish what you are doing you must close all the windows
  10. When it snows hard only grade schools will close this year
  11. With that said we all need to start working on time
  12. Near a small country river the truck was unloaded in secrecy
  13. In all likelihood you will pass the class if you attend regularly
  14. Walking alone at night which can be scary in this area gives me a sense of peace
  15. I would like you to know however that you need to work much harder
  16. That house which is across the street belongs to my nephew
  17. The car which I had in Kansas City MO was stronger and faster than this one
  18. Undoubtedly I could finish the experiment because my colleagues helped me
  19. Coffee is stronger than tea so I don’t drink as much of it
  20. Despite Rue’s best efforts she could not keep the weeds out of her garden


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