Clauses: Adverb Practice

Now that you know what adverbs and adverb clauses are, this is a resource to help you practice using and identifying them. When you’re done, come into the Writing Center to check your work with a tutor!

Identifying Adverb Clauses

To practice identifying adverb clauses, underline the adverb clause in each sentence. Circle the word it modifies.

  1. When I delivered the newspaper, I saw Mrs. Sampson at the window.
  2. Because that clerk was so helpful, I praised her to the store manager.
  3. You may play outside until it’s dark.
  4. Vince becomes nervous when he speaks in public.
  5. Please visit us whenever you are in the Chicago area. 

Using Adverb Clauses

To practice using adverb clauses, combine the two sentences using a subordinating conjunction to form an adverb clause.

  1. The movie was just beginning. + We bought our tickets right then.
  2. She swims well. + Bob does not swim very well.
  3. Mother took a nap. + At the same time, Amy and I went cycling.
  4. Dinner is not ready yet. + Take a walk.
  5. You must keep promises. + You make promises.

Fixing Adverb Clause Errors

The following sentence(s) contain errors that can be corrected using adverb clauses. For more practice, find the errors and fix them using adverb clauses. 

  1. He runs everyday, he is addicted to exercise.
  2. Call us then. When you get to town.
  3. I can alter the maybe too big jacket.
  4. Vince speaks in public, he becomes nervous.
  5. That clerk was so helpful, I praised her to the store manager.

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