Clauses: Adjective Practice

Now that you know what adjective and adjective clauses are, here is a resource to help you practice using and identifying them! 

Combine the Following Sentences

Combine the following sentences into one using an adjective clause.

  1. Students do well on tests if they are prepared beforehand.  Some students are anxious.
  2. A research paper on environmental problems received an award.  I wrote the paper.
  3. My driveway is in front of my house.  I park four cars there.
  1. The Industrial Revolution changed the way people make things.  It began in England.
  2. Recently, a large airplane had a serious accident.  It was carrying too many passengers.
  3. British Petroleum received criticism because of the oil spill in the Gulf.  It is known as BP.
  4. The dress was long, black, and beautiful.  Mary wore it.
  5. On my vacation, I met a boy.  My father disliked him.
  6. Jacob is a student in my biology class. His father is the ambassador from Kenya. The class meets twice a week.

Complete the Following Sentence

Complete the following sentences with an adjective clause.

  1. I’ll never forget the time when ______________________________________________
  2. I gave up my seat on the bus to a woman whose ________________________________
  3. The person whom __________________________________________ suddenly fainted.
  4. Everyone criticized my opinion, which _______________________________________
  5. Often, people who ____________________________________ end up being successful.
  6. Many people find Maryland, where ___________________________________, exciting.

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