What is the difference between a peer tutor and a Writing Fellow?

Writing tutors are generalists who work with students from a variety of majors. Writing tutors hold regular hours and work from the Writing Center. Writing Fellows, on the other hand, are specialists in a particular kind of writing and are connected to a specific faculty member and course. Whereas writing tutors work with multiple individuals on many different assignments, Writing Fellows typically work with students from a single class on a small number of assignments. Both are highly trained in tutoring pedagogy, but each specializes in a different type of tutoring.

How do I become a Writing Fellow?

We’re glad you asked! The best way to become a Writing Fellow is to let your department’s faculty know that you’re interested while you’re taking your major’s WID course! Applicants are recruited by individual faculty members in each department, usually in February, then interviewed by the Director. If chosen, those students attend a day-long training over the summer and enroll in DWP 3201: Departmental Writing Practicum in the Fall.

How do I become a peer tutor?

We’re glad you asked! Applicants are recruited each Fall (typically in mid-late October) and interviewed by a committee including experienced peer tutors and the Director. If chosen, those students enroll in ENG 2218 in the Spring and begin working as Associate Tutors the following Fall. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors from all majors are encouraged to apply!


Will anyone know that I’ve come to the Writing Center?

That’s up to you!

Every time you come to the Writing Center for a tutoring session, you and the tutor will work together to write up a report outlining your next steps. You’ll always receive a copy of that report for your records, and that report will be available to Writing Center staff so that they can continue to help you no which tutor you work with. Like all of your academic records, these reports are protected under FERPA.

However, if you also want us to let your professor know that you put in some extra effort on this assignment, just let us know and we’ll send your professor a copy of the report! Professors want to read your best possible work, and they typically appreciate knowing that you’re using all available resources to succeed! Who knows, they may even offer you extra credit!


What if all the appointments are taken? Can someone still help me?

Check out this overview of our waitlist feature:

Waitlist Infographic

We also often announce openings on our Twitter: @McDanielWriting

How do I make an appointment?

Check out  this overview about using the scheduler:

Using WC Online

Also feel free to come into the Writing Center in Hill Hall 102 for help setting up an appointment!