Can I require my students to attend a tutoring session?

Tutoring is most effective when students come voluntarily and ready to engage in the process. Research overwhelmingly finds that required visits with a tutor damage students’ internal motivations and overall relationship with the peer tutors.

As a general guideline, we ask that you do not require your students to visit more than once a semester and, if you do require tutoring, that you not attach the requirement to any particular assignment. If you do choose to require that students use Center services for a particular assignment, we ask that you email the Writing Center Director beforehand so that we can ensure appropriate staffing to meet the increased need. Instead, we encourage finding other ways to incentivize more than one visit to the Center.

However, you are more than welcome to require students to attend any of our workshops. Information about topics, dates, times, and locations of those workshops may be found on our Events calendar.

My students are great writers, but they’re not English majors. Can they be a tutor/Fellow?

Absolutely! Our goal is to have tutors from a wide range of academic backgrounds. If you know of a great writer, or more importantly, a good writer who is gifted at helping classmates, please encourage them to apply to be a peer tutor in October (and let the Director know so she can reach out to them personally)!

At the same time, if you want that student to serve as a Writing Fellow in your WID/writing-intensive course, please pass their name onto the Director in February so that she can reach out to them about working as a Writing Fellow!

Can a peer tutor come to my classroom to teach Peer Review strategies?

Absolutely! Peer tutors are, at heart, highly-trained peer reviewers. As such, they are excellent role models for how to make in-class peer review sessions effective. If you would like to have a peer tutor come to your class to coach your students in peer review techniques, email the Director to schedule this service!

Can you build an online resource for my class?

Absolutely! We are always working to improve our website, and peer tutors on our website committee are currently focusing on updating our instructional content to be more user-friendly, searchable, and multi-modal. However, if we don’t already have a writing resource that your course needs, we’re happy to work with you to develop it! Email the director to discuss your needs.

Should I talk about the Writing Center in my syllabus or on my Blackboard site?

Yes! We would love for you to link students from your Blackboard site to our online scheduler! If you link out to the Writing Center, here is some suggested language:

“This link will take you to the McDaniel Writing Center online scheduler, WC Online. You can use this system to make appointments with tutors, and appointments can be made from now until the end of the current semester. Plan ahead and book appointments once you know when major assignments are due! You can also bookmark this site on your own computer:”


Can someone from the Writing Center come to my classroom to conduct workshops?

The Writing Center is now available to come visit your classroom and help lead a mini-workshop session tailored to your audience. Possible topics include outlining, thesis creation, citation style guides–and many more! Contact the Director to discuss this opportunity.