How To Bring In A Group Project for the Writing Center in Six Easy Steps

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Here at the writing center, we often find ourselves working with students who are the sole authors of their papers, short stories, and other works of writing. But that’s not by design; we are fully capable of helping students with group projects, and would love to help. Here’s how.

  1. Step one: coordinate with your group. Figure out a collective time when you can all come to the writing center and work on your entire project. We at the Writing Center are only capable of helping any individual member with their own portion of the work. The ONLY time we can help the group on the whole project is if every member attends.
  2. Step two: make an appointment. In the ‘What would you like to work on’ section, make a note that you and your group members (please name them!) will be bringing in your project.
  3. Step three: arrive at the appointment and find a place for the tutor to help you. Depending on how many group members you have, any of the stations inside the Writing CenterĀ itself might be a bit too crowded, so feel free to ask the tutor to work with you outside in Hill Lobby.
  4. Step four: work. Make sure each member works with the tutor on their own portion.
  5. Step five: practice with the tutor present. If there’s enough time and it’s a group presentation, go ahead and practice as a group giving the presentation. It’s a good way to get feedback and smooth out any snags without the situation becoming direr.
  6. Step six: profit. Ask the tutor to notify the professor that you all came. Give an awesome presentation or turn in a great paper, sit back and enjoy.

-Writing tutor Kaijaii