Using WC Online

Creating a WC Online Account

You’ll need a WC Online account to work with Writing Center tutors. This account allows you to register for appointments ahead of time (including recurring appointments), see upcoming appointments, share files with tutors, access video conferences, and access records of prior visits.

To create an account

  • Navigate to “Make An Appointment” in the menu above
  • Log in with your McDaniel username (not email) and password
  • Provide all of the requested information
  • Sign up for text alerts (optional)

Once you’ve created your account, you will be able to schedule appointments!

Making an Appointment

When you make an appointment, you’ll have your choice of tutor, date, time, and duration, as well as whether the session takes place in the Writing Center (Hill Hall 102) or online in WC Online. To create the appointment:

  • Choose the date
  • Click on any white box
  • If you want a 60 minute appointment, use the drop-down menu to change the end time
  • If the tutor offers both face-to-face and online sessions, click the button with your preference
  • Enter the information requested on the form
  • Upload any files you think might help the tutor during your session
  • Submit your appointment request

You can schedule appointments for any point during the semester, up to the last week of classes! Don’t wait to sign-up, especially during peak times like mid-terms and the last week of classes.

We recommend reviewing your course schedules and major due dates early in the semester and booking appointments for times that you know you will have major assignments coming up.

You can cancel appointments up to 5 minutes before your scheduled start time. Failure to arrive within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time will result in your appointment being marked as a “no-show.”

After two (2) no-shows, your WC Online account will be suspended. To reactivate your account, you will need to meet with the Writing Center Director (

Choose a time by clicking any white box.

Use the drop-down menu if you want a 60-minute appointment.

All appointments are face-to-face by default. Click “Yes” if you prefer to meet your tutor online.

Joining an Online Consultation

While different from face-to-face tutoring sessions, online appointments can have many benefits! When you work with a tutor online, the session records are saved in WC Online, and you can return to the system to view your whiteboard, chat, and video at any time during the semester (records are archived at the end of each semester).

If you’ve signed up for an online tutoring session, you’ll be using WC Online to access the video conference. To do this:

  • Log in to WC Online
  • Click on your appointment
  • Click “Start or Join Online Consultation”
  • Give permission for the program to access your microphone and camera
    • Tutoring is most effective if you and the tutor can hear/see each other.
    • While text chat is available, we strongly recommend having your mic/video on for the best experience.
  • Share your work with the tutor in multiple ways:
    • Copy/Paste your work directly into the text pad in the middle of the screen
    • Upload a file using the arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the screen
    • Share your screen directly with the tutor using the monitor icon in the upper-left corner of the screen (in the video viewing area)

You do not need to download software to use WC Online. You simply need an internet browser with relatively high-speed internet.

*Please note that certain firewall software may prevent you from accessing WC Online. Historically, this has primarily affected those who attempting to access online appointments from Carroll County Public School system computers.

To end the consultation, simply close the browser tab or window. WC Online will save your session records automatically!

You can quickly find your scheduled appointments by clicking on your name in the upper-left corner.

Click on “Start or Join Online Consultation” to enter the video conference.

You can copy/paste your document directly into the shared whiteboard.

You can upload documents to share with the tutor (ex. assignment sheets).

You can also share your screen!