Writing Center tutors around campus

The start of the school year not only means that The Writing Center is opening for another wonderful year of working with McDaniel students on all types of writing assignments, it also means that there are many wonderful opportunities to get involved in different kinds of clubs all over campus. The Writing Center tutors are involved in a large variety of activities at McDaniel!

Students enjoying the involvement fair. Courtesy of McDaniel College’s flickr.

-Greek Life: Two of our tutors are involved in sororities on campus. Joining Greek Life is a great way to get involved in many things on campus, because, like the writing tutors, members of the Greek community are heavily involved in other activities outside of their Greek organizations. It also gives members an amazing group of sisters or brothers who are incredibly supportive.

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-Sports: Not only are writing tutors talented at grammar and flow, some of us are also amazing athletes! We have tutors on the swim team, the cross-country team, and the track team.

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-Interest Clubs: There are many lesser-known clubs on campus that writing tutors are involved in, such as the Poe Club and the Belly Dancing Club. No matter what your interests are, there is probably a club at McDaniel for you. Can’t find one that you like? Start an interest club of your own by visiting the Office of Student Engagement!

@McD_Poe | McDaniel Poe Club

-Service Organizations: Writing Center tutors do a lot of community service both on and off campus, from participating in clubs such as Relay For Life of McDaniel College, the Puppy Club, the Animal Welfare Club, and working with the Boys and Girls Club. We are also involved in advocacy groups, such as Allies and McFem, which advocate for equal rights for minorities.

@RelayMcDaniel | Relay For Life of McDaniel College | Canine Companions for Independence Puppy Club at McDaniel | @McDanielAllies

-Honors Program & Honors Societies: Several writing tutors are members of the McDaniel College Honors Program, which requires that students take additional classes in fields of study that are not necessarily their own, and most of us are involved in at least one different academic honors society, depending on our various majors and minors.

@McDHonors | McDaniel Honors Program

-Performing Arts: McDaniel writing tutors are also involved in the performing arts. Tutors have both performed in and designed sound for the McDaniel College Theater. In addition to being involved in theater, we have tutors who are involved with the college’s radio station, WMCR, and who play musical instruments.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 5.09.34 PM-Free Press and Contrast: Because writing tutors love to write (surprise!), a lot of us are involved in the McDaniel Free Press (the college’s newspaper), and Contrast Literary Magazine. Not only do the tutors write for both of these publications, a few are even editors. Interested in writing and editing? Stop by Hill 101!

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Being involved on the McDaniel campus has been a huge part of the college experience for all of our tutors. Not only do we spend a lot of time working in The Writing Center, we all make time to be involved in an organization that we find interesting or worthy of our time. If you’re not already, we recommend getting involved in an on campus organization!

-Michelle, peer tutor

Some helpful Westminster tips…

Here at the Writing Center there is a running joke about how I am one of the only tutors from Westminster — I am what students like to call a “Townie.” While it may seem like a boring place to live to some, this small town actually has some nice places that only us locals know about! These places can be fun and even inspirational when it comes to writing your papers. Since I am both a “townie” and a McDaniel student, I will let you guys in on these secret places that are hidden around Carroll County.

If you want to stay close to campus, there is a nice local tea and coffee shop right down Main Street called The Cup. This shop is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.. They are reasonably priced and also have other options than just teas and coffee! The Cup also features fun holiday and seasonal options that only come certain times a year so be sure not to miss their fun fall flavors! Here, you not only get a peaceful environment, but you are also supporting a local business, which is pretty cool! If you are thinking about checking it out, go here.

Just look for this sign on Main Street!

For those of you who may have a car or just want to get off campus completely for a while I will tell you about my favorite place in all of Westminster, Hashawha Nature Center. Hashswha is this beautiful place where people like me go to run, hike, camp, or just enjoy nature. But that is not all you can do! If you turn onto Hashawha Road you will find what is called “Lake Hashawha”…more of a pond, but you get the idea, on your left. A pavilion that over looks this “lake” is located there. Not only will get to have some peace and quiet away from McDaniel, but you will also be inspired form this huge piece of land and all of the animals and plants that inhabit it. It is a little obvious I am obsessed with this place, but I hope you can experience its beauty too! Since it may be a little tricky to find, here is a link with some easy directions to get there.

I mean just look at what this place has to offer!

Of course if you would rather stay on campus, there are more then enough places to explore here. I just figured I would share some of my favorite placed to get inspired around Westminster!

Forest, Peer Tutor