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hanna smallHanna (graduate tutor) is pursuing a master’s in TESOL while she works in the Office of Communications and Marketing as Public Information Assistant and Office Manager. She graduated with an English degree and Writing minor in 2013, and semester abroad in Hungary has left her with insatiable wanderlust and interest in cultural exchange. In addition to teaching herself to cook via Pinterest, she enjoys reading the news, watching Game of Thrones, and playing games like Shadow of the Colossus and Settlers of Catan.

Emily is a sophomore pursuing a double major in French and philosophy, as well as a minor in psychology. In her spare time, she likes to knit, crochet, weave, spin, and dye her own yarn for crazy projects. She loves traveling and has visited Mexico, Costa Rica (twice), a few of the Caribbean islands, and Greece. One of her life goals is to visit every continent, including and especially Antarctica. After college, she hopes to earn a PhD in linguistics and then become a university professor.

duaneDuane is a sophomore history major with a minor in education. He has worked with children ages 5-12 for the past 6 years as a camp counselor in Towson, MD. He loves working with people and helping others. He is a member of the Green Terror football team and also loves playing basketball in his free time. An avid gamer, Duane often humiliates his friends in Madden or NBA 2K. His favorite movie is Paid in Full and his favorite tv show is Spongebob. After college Duane hopes to pursue a career in coaching or teaching.

jimmyJimmy is a sophomore pursuing a double major in Spanish and French literature and language, with a minor in writing. He is passionate about many things, including music, cats, poetry, but over everything else friendship. He is a member of many groups at McDaniel College, such as Palabras 2 Words, McDaniel Chorus, The Belly Dance Club, and French Club. During his free time he likes to read books about the paranormal, but he also enjoys reading about other subjects such as social behavior and natural sciences. He doesn’t know what he will do after graduation but he hopes his majors open many doors for him. He is a big fan of Pokemon. He considers himself as one of the best Pokemon connoisseurs, as well as one of the best Pokemon coordinators. Currently he is working in completing the Pokedex in his Soulsilver game. His favorite Pokemon of all times is Vaporeon.

rebekahRebekah is a junior pursuing a major in communication and a minor in religious studies. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at a local retirement community, where she has made a lot of awesome friends over the past five years. She also enjoys playing tennis, cooking, and spending time with her lovable dachshund. Rebekah’s favorite books include The Joy Luck Club, The Help, and House Rules. She loves going to the movies, and each year, she and her brother have a contest to see who can predict the most Oscar winners (she’s going to win this year). After college, Rebekah hopes to pursue a graduate degree in communication and travel the world.

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jehanJehan is a sophomore pursuing a major in English and a double minor in education and theatre. He’s been in “humanities” programs for more than half of his academic career and, as a result, developed a passion for language and literature. His favorite novel is Fight Club (and if he hears a reference to the breaking the first rule one more time he might just punch himself in the face). He’s loved theatre since sophomore year of high school, especially musical theatre, with roles ranging from Tony in West Side Story to Cedric in A Very Potter Musical. Once he graduates, he hopes to work in New York as a teacher, and who knows, he might see where acting, writing, and directing take him while he’s there…

maggieMaggie is a junior pursuing a major in English and a minor in secondary education. She recently did a Jan-term trip abroad to France, Austria, and Hungary. Her experience abroad sparked her interest in traveling and greatly deepened her love for people and different cultures. After she obtains her masters in English, Maggie hopes to become certified in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or as a literacy specialist working with Deaf and hard-of-hearing students to develop reading and writing competence. She is a member of ASL Club, Palabras 2 Words, and the McDaniel College chapter of the Maryland State Education Association. Her favorite animal is an elephant. She loves spending time with her family, watching movies, and listening to stories around bonfires. Her dream home is a cabin in the mountains overlooking a lake.

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summer 2Summer is a junior English major and Latin minor. She has a passion for languages, having studied Spanish, French, and ASL, in addition to her six years of Latin. She enjoys writing letters to the editor of the local newspaper and hates being asked what she plans to do with her English degree. She fiercely protects Sansa Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones and enjoys watching cartoons (Avatar, Adventure Time, Archer and various Disney films being some of her favorites.) Her favorite movie is Wes Anderson’s Rushmore and someday, she wants to get a tattoo of Ophelia from her favorite play, Hamlet. Her favorite musical artists include The Beatles, Marina & the Diamonds, and Say Anything.

sarahSarah F is a junior studying philosophy along with a secret second major that has not yet revealed itself to her. She recently left her NJ home to embark upon a Jan-term adventure to Greece and now officially has the travel bug. She is a part of the first-year honor society, Alpha Lambda Delta. She is a member of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, as well as Humans vs. Zombies, where she combats the zombie apocalypse with her Nerf Hailfire. She loves helping people, listening to music that no one has heard of, writing rough novel manuscripts for various NaNoWriMo offshoots, and exploring the outdoors. During summer trips to Ocean City NJ, she dabbles in the art of food-sculpting. She is also a summer camp counselor for Mt. Misery, but the name is totally ironic.

ShannonShannon is majoring in English and Spanish and minoring in Writing. As an aspiring writer, She lives her life from one furious scribbling on paper scraps and napkins to the next, adding yet another random babbling to her eclectic collection of words and thoughts. She believes that one can never have too many books and one day hopes to travel the world to fill her own book with stories about the cultures, peoples, and places that inspire her imagination and most daunting ambitions. And when her head is not worlds away, you can most likely find her waterlogged in the pool where she spends all of her free time (seriously) as a member of the swim team.

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is pursuing a major in English and a minor in writing. She’s also an active member of the Honors Program. On campus, Annie is involved with the McDaniel Free Press, Contrast, and whatever other clubs and activities strike her fancy. She enjoys working as an e-ambassador for Admissions, writing blog posts to give prospective students a taste of life at McDaniel. Annie’s interests include rhetoric, traveling, listening to indie music, blogging, internet memes, chocolate desserts, good conversations, and of course, spending time with her family and corgi puppy. 

KatelynnKatelynn is a senior biology major with a chemistry minor. She is currently involved with parasite research on campus, but after graduation she plans to take a gap year to gain more research experience and then go on to graduate school. On campus, she participates in the Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta, and is the secretary for the WMCR radio station. Last January, she studied abroad in France, Austria, and Hungary and wish to eventually travel to every country in Europe. Apart from science, she has fallen in love with American Sign Language and also enjoy trying her hand at photography.

sarah cSarah is a junior computer science major who loves music, especially from the 1960s. She is a casual collector of vinyl records as well as an avid concert-goer; given that, it is only natural that she also manages WMCR, McDaniel’s radio station. When not tutoring or furiously cramming for her math classes, Sarah enjoys painting, drawing, late-night road trips, the opera, and spending time with her housemates. She has no specific post-college plans, but some sort of creative job would be nice.

CariCari is a senior pursuing a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Literature. She spends a bit of her time working in the rat lab and the admissions office. Cari is a proud and active member of Phi Alpha Mu and Belly Dance Club. Her favorite book is usually whatever she’s reading at the moment, but there’s a special place in her heart for Frankenstein. She loves to watch shows like The Walking Dead and Community, even though she never seems to catch them when they air. She enjoys playing video games and watching movies, whether they’re classics or monster flicks. After college, Cari’s plans include graduate school, another trip to Rome, and a little dog of her own.

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MelanieMelanie is a junior attempting to double major in English and Sociology. She really likes watching soccer and sometimes, just to be obnoxious, refers to it as futbol. Her favorite team is FC Barcelona. She plays the violin because she loves having carpal tunnel but this doesn’t prevent her from writing creative pieces in her spare time. You also may find her toiling away for Allies and McFem, two organizations she’s too involved in for her own good. She has never known what she wanted to do but, after college Melanie would like to travel.

PaolaPaola is a biology major with minors in psychology and comparative culture studies (anthropology). She is highly curious by nature, something that plays a role in her varied, passionate interests, from video games to languages to comic books and music (rock n’ roll all the way), and of course, movies and TV shows. She absolutely loves creativity and all things that can engage the imagination, whether it is a thrilling plot, cinematic or literary, or the challenges of applying Campbell’s hero’s journey to Iron Man, her favorite superhero of all time (sorry Batman, you were this close). When she’s not busy catching the latest episodes of Supernatural or How I Met Your Mother, she love to build puzzles with her suitemates or playing frisbee.

At our Budapest campus for fall 2014

LeannaLeanna will hopefully major in Peace and Conflict Studies (she is currently designing this major) with minors in French and Business Administration. She is on the McDaniel swim team, is a Global Fellow, a Peer Mentor, and a tour guide. Her schedule is pretty hectic but she loves every minute of it. Leanna loves to travel and will hopefully study abroad in France and Africa her junior year. Leanna is an avid joke teller and is infatuated with the color pink. If you have any good jokes, let her know!

KelseyKelsey is majoring in Communication and minoring in Cinema and Journalism. She absolutely loves sports. If you ever catch her watching TV, she has a game on. Except for golf, which, frankly, she finds quite monotonous. She aspires to work for NBC Sports in the future so she has the opportunity to cover the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl, since that particular network covers both events at some point. She has also played multiple sports throughout her life, but her heart lies with running, which is why she is on the cross country and track team here at McDaniel. Some of her favorite reads include: The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and Born to Run. Besides running, Kelsey enjoys watching her siblings play lacrosse and listening to music. Her dream (aside from working for NBC Sports) is to travel the world and embrace as many cultures as possible.

Writing Center Director

Josh Ambrose (aka Prof A)
graduated from George Mason University with a MFA in creative nonfiction, where he also helped direct a writing center. He has taught composition, literature, and creative writing under the moniker “Professor A” and served as both the nonfiction and web editor for the magazine Phoebe. In college, he enjoyed taking courses in a diverse range of topics–from chemistry to Latin American history, from fencing to soil sciences. A lover of all things international, Josh has spent time abroad in Peru, India, England, Turkey, and Jordan. He now is delighted to live in Westminster with his wife and dog and enjoys traveling with them throughout the US whenever he has the slightest excuse.