Faculty Support

Why send your students to the Writing Center?

Our peer tutors are well-trained in pedagogical and practical considerations. Above all else, they are committed to helping everyone who walks in our door become a well-equipped, empowered writer.

Every writer benefits from having an audience; every writer benefits from revision. Encouraging your students to book an appointment with the Writing Center guarantees undivided attention that is both personable and academic.

As a general guideline, we ask that you do not require your students to visit more than one or two times. Instead, we encourage finding other ways to incentivize more than one visit to the Center.

Confidentiality and visit verification

By their nature, all Writing Center appointments are confidential. If a student indicates that they would like for us to report back to their professor regarding their appointment, the Writing Center Director will contact you personally via email.


Tutors are available, on request, to give a 15-25 minute presentation on the Writing Center and our services. Contact the director to schedule a time for us to visit your class!


The Writing Center is now available to come visit your classroom and help lead a mini-workshop session tailored to your audience. Possible topics include outlining, thesis creation, citation style guides–and many more! Contact the director to discuss this opportunity.