Should I visit the Writing Center?

Any member of the McDaniel community can can come to the Writing Center at any stage of the writing process for free help! Our team of fourteen consultants are trained peer tutors from a wide range of personal and academic backgrounds, who are genuinely interested in you and your work.

You can come in after you have received an assignment to discuss ideas with a tutor. Or you can bring in an outline/notes to discuss, a resume, or pretty much any other kind of writing you’re working on. We will look over any stage of a draft whether it is incomplete, rough, or final. But please don’t bring in a final draft mere minutes before it is due as we will be unable to help you with anything.

What should I bring?

Bring your ideas and a willingness to work. Writing tutors also like to see assignment sheets and any written work you have done on the paper and/or your most current draft. Consultations are active exchanges between the student and the tutor. Students often read their rough drafts aloud and identify places that need attention. Tutors watch for larger issues like the strength of a thesis statement, supporting details, and organization, before focusing on other important elements of effective writing (e.g. documentation, punctuation, usage, etc).

We do not comment on grades, nor are we an editing service. We’re here to dialogue about writing and help you become the most empowered writer you can be!

How long will the meeting take?

An average session takes thirty to forty-five minutes.

What’s your scheduling policy?

You can book up to three appointments a week! Due to demand, we recommend scheduling at least a day or two ahead of time.

Also, please make sure that you log in to the scheduler and cancel an appointment yourself if you cannot make an appointment. People who don’t arrive within fifteen minutes of their scheduled start time have their session marked as a “no-show.” After two or more no-shows, those people are blocked from using our services for the semester and are readmitted only after meeting with the Writing Center Director.

“Hey prof! Guess what I did today?!”

If you want us to let your professor know that you put in some extra effort on this assignment, just let us know and we’ll notify your professor that you came by for a visit!